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Dimensional Inspection
Dimensional inspection can be an extremely important part of the molding process monitoring, and product approval.

With Precision Polymer Products recent addition of an OGP Smartscope, we have the ability to increase the efficiency and accuracy of our shift wise dimensional inspection. Through the use of rigid fixturing and programming, our products are measured in a very repeatable fashion. The Smartscope is also instrumental in handling First Article Inspections of new molds and processes. Some of our large injection molds can have has many as 600 or more cavities. When first article reports or process capability studies are required, this can mean over 10,000 dimensions must be recorded.

Along with the OGP, we also have the capablilty to do a large number of ASTM tests on rubber compounds for swell, tensile, compression set; in addition to conducting a variety of custom tests which may be required.

Depending on our customers’ requirements, we have the ability to automate shift wise dimensional checks to ensure quality at all points of manufacturing. All of our dimensional data can be recorded into a custom designed web accesable database that allows our customers to monitor the dimensions of their products in real time using any internet browser. Custom reports that include 3 sigma limits, CPK values and other statistical information can be created to suit ongoing inspection requirements.
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